iGribouille Coloring Book’s most unique feature is that it lets you search for drawing images, save them and then open them up as coloring pages – all without exiting the app. You have the choice of using either Google, Bing or Yahoo to look for images. I tried Google and searched using the words “Curious George”. iGribouille provided plenty of results. Once you’ve found your image you’ll be able to save it and presto! it’s now on your list of coloring images. Now you’ve got yourself a never-ending coloring book.

When it comes to actual coloring features iGribouille also does a nice job. You can choose how dark or light you’d like your picture’s outline to be. I prefer mine to be as dark as possible so I can stay in those lines. Coloring images can be set on either a white, gray or black background. If you choose the black background then you’ll create a “scratch and reveal” image. At first glance you might think that something is wrong because the screen will be black, no image in sight. But start rubbing your finger across the screen and the image will be revealed. It’s a fun effect. There are 48 colors to choose from and four different brush types- paintbrush, crayon, piece of chalk or spray paint. Each brush will give you a different looking stroke and there is a slider to adjust the size of the brush’s stroke.

After your masterpiece has been colored it’s time to share it with the world. iGribouille lets you do this via email, Facebook or by saving the picture to your device’s photo album. An upcoming update will add more sharing options including the ability to use AirPrint. My colored printer cartridges better watch out! The update will also let you resize and edit your imported coloring images before you save them. This will be a terrific addition. I would suggest that it would be helpful to have slightly more detailed instructions about the how to download drawing images. Better yet, maybe a tutorial showing screenshots of what you should be looking for and tapping on as you search and save.

I tried iGribouille out on the iPhone but I wish I’d also had a chance to give the iPad version a try. Since this is a universal app I just need to take a moment to install the app to the iPad. My adult sized fingers always prefer to color on the larger screen. I’m a fan of coloring books on the iPhone and iPad because it saves so much wasted printer paper and ink. When you throw in the unlimited downloadable images from the internet this app really becomes a winner at my house.

Price when Reviewed: $2.99

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Seller: Smart Design sprl

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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