The newest title in the iLearnWith series was just released today and it looks to be another great title for preschoolers. This time around the focus is Math in iLearn with Boing: Savannah Adventures!. I haven’t had a chance to thoroughly test out the app so I’ll give you a quick overview with information I’ve received from the developers, TribalNova.

The primary skills taught in Savannah Adventures! are counting, addition, ordering and subtracting. Secondary skills include number recognition, correspondence and visual discrimination. There are three games to be played.

  • Numbers: Help the meerkat chef prepare his soup by identifying quantities of items between 1 and 20 and associating them with the written numbers.
  • Ordering: Help the cute little frog cross the pond by choosing which lily pad to jump next. Your child needs to identify numbers in the correct order, increasing or decreasing, and recognize certain number patterns.
  • Counting: Catch the right number of ostriches and get them in the truck before it leaves. Your child needs to add or subtract up to 20, taking into account groups of 2 or 3. Includes a two-player mode for parent-child or peer-to-peer gameplay.

If you’ve never tried a TribalNova app before then you’re in for a treat. The apps that are a part of the iLearnWith program are especially for 3-6 year olds. They are cross curricular and interweave math, science and literacy no matter what the main focus of the app is. Levels of difficulty are self adjusting and there is a progress tracker for parents. Children will be able to earn rewards and medals and parents will find a recommended learning path just for their child. We have most of the iLearnWith apps and they have all been fantastic.
iLearnWith Boing: Savannah Adventures! is specially priced at $.99 for its launch. In addition to that you can download iLearnWith Boing: Ice Land Adventures! for free for a limited time.
Price when Reviewed: $.99 for a Limited Time
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Seller: TribalNova

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