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Your child’s imagination will come to life right before their eyes with Imagination Playground 3D Builder! This app is like a virtual building block set that can be stacked, turned, manipulated and more to create amazing structures. Imagination Playground will provide hours of creative fun for your whole family!

This app is free, easy to use and loads of fun! Simply open the app, watch a short tutorial to teach you how to use the app and let the building begin. There are blocks of all different shapes and sizes such as a standard rectangular block, square blocks, ramps that go in all directions, hinged blocks, cylinders and many more! To begin building, tap on a blank landscape. Pictures of all of the blocks are on the right of the screen and buttons on the bottom of the screen allow you to manipulate the blocks vertically and horizontally to get the right direction. All you have to do is tap and drag your shape onto the landscape, change it how you want, and then drag it to the right place on the screen. You can remember your creations by using the camera on your device to snap a picture and save it in your cameral roll.

This is one of those apps that I call “Jackpot Apps”. It is rare that you find a high quality, entertaining and educational app for free and Imagination Playground 3D Builder hits the jackpot. The graphics are high quality and realistic looking. My family has spent hours building things and my kids have even joined forces to create some amazing castles and forts. It is also a great way to teach basic principles of physics as your children attempt to build tall structures and ramps and roll balls down them. I also love that even though this is a free app, there are no pop-up ads or in-app purchases. This is one app that I feel great about my kids playing and one that I enjoy playing as well!

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