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There is no denying it; we live in a digital world where social media rules supreme. Whether for business or pleasure, at any given moment millions of people are Facebooking, Tweeting, SnapChatting and Instagramming their way to social media fame. InstaHash is a new app designed to help you get the attention you want for your posts. It automatically generating hashtags for your pictures with one simple screen tap.

This app is very easy to use. From your mobile device, simply upload a photo from your gallery. The app will automatically generate several hashtags it deems relevant to your photo. From here you can copy the image to any social media platform and it will copy your hashtags to your clipboard. Once the image has been copied into your post, you can paste the hashtags into the text field of your app. You can edit, add, or delete the hashtags at this point before posting.

I had such high hopes for this app; after all it is a cool idea. However, after using the app for several pictures, I can honestly say that not once did I ever post any of the hashtags it generated for me. In fact, I didn’t even feel like any of them were even remotely related to the picture. I uploaded a picture of my 8 year old son and his friend (another 8 year old boy) and got these hashtags: #adult, #people, #man, #woman, #wear, #girl, #hairdo, #lid. This was not a one-time, fluke result either. I got similar odd results time after time. So, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to get a good laugh, then this app for you. However, if you are looking for a legitimate way to generate relevant hashtags for your posts, then keep looking.

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