As an iPhone Dad- making sure my children are safe and restricted from access to inappropriate content on our family’s iDevices is very important to me.

iOS is the Apple operating system for iPhone.  Most of the buzz around iOS 7 has been focused on the new simpler design.  Besides the new design, iOS 7 has many new features including a few which parents of iPhone using children may want to pay special attention to.  One very useful feature is the ability to restrict Safari from allowing adult content.  This provides a safer browsing experience for your children when using the default browser.  To change these settings within iOS 7 follow these steps:

  1.  Go to Settings > General > Restrictions
  2.  Select Enable Restrictions and enter a passcode.  Use a 4-digit passcode that you won’t forget and one that your children won’t guess.
  3.  Scroll down to  “Allowed Content”.  And then click on “Websites”.
  4. The options are:
  • All Websites- no restrictions in place, your child can visit any website.
  • Limit Adult Content– limits access to “many adult websites automatically”.  This seems to be a nice option for older kids and younger teenagers where you want to make sure they cannot  access inappropriate content.
  • Always Allow/Never Allow– You can also choose to allow a specific list of websites and never allow some specific websites. For my younger children I use this setting on our family iPad.  We only allow a certain few educational and children focused websites.  Some of these sites include Discovery Kids, Disney, PBS Kids, howStuffWorks. (See Screenshot)

Besides Safari Restrictions, iOS7 has many other restriction settings available. Simply go to Settings > General > Restrictions. On this page you can disallow FaceTime, prevent installing of apps, lock access to the device camera and more.

There is also a section for Allowed Content on this same page (Settings > General > Restrictions) which allows you to select allowed movie ratings, you can disable explicit music and podcast content and you can disallow TV Shows based on ratings. There are many other options here.

Guest post written by Kerry Mann.  Kerry is experienced in app marketing and an enthusiastic iPhone Dad; visit Kerry at

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5 Responses

  1. Charlene

    Can I disable all my sons game apps on my iphone and only allow the educational apps? I have tried but can’t

  2. Glenn David

    How can I disable all games and other kinds of apps like music, video, facebook? Your guide was helpful but I got lots of confusions to be cleared.

    • Neeshu S

      Hi Glenn, there are several parental control apps which you can download from the App store, they will allow you to control every aspect of the mobile phone, also preventing usuage of certain apps.

  3. Chris

    Is there a way to block all incoming calls/texts EXCEPT those you specify?


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