I have been dying to get my hands on an iPad Mini ever since the cute tablet hit stores but I’ve been wondering it it’s worth all the hoopla. Luckily, my friend Jessica recently bought one and was more than happy to oblige and answer all my questions. Here’s my Q&A with her. If you’ve been considering buying an iPad Mini, read on!

Q: Why did you decide to buy the iPad Mini?
A: My husband bought me the iPad Mini for Christmas. I had wanted an iPad for a few years, but started looking seriously in October 2012 when the Mini was announced.

Q: What do you use it for?
A: I use it to read, watch TV and movies, surf the internet, keep up with social media, play games, check email, and change the channel when I can’t find the satellite remote.

Q: What do you love about the Mini?
A: I love the size. It’s so lightweight and easy to carry around. It’s nice to be able to sync with my MacBook and iPhone 5.

Q: What do you dislike?
A: I dislike that I only have the Wi-Fi model. I would take it more places if I had the data plan. Also, it gets pretty hot when you’re playing games or streaming video.

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: The battery life was the one thing I was surprised by as I had heard that it wasn’t very good. On average I’m charging it once or twice a week. If I’m using it heavily then it needs to be charged every other day.

Q: What are the different places you’ve taken the tablet?
A: I’ve taken the iPad Mini to work, the gym, and visiting family. I would take it other places if I had the data plan.

Q: Do your kids use it?
A: My son uses it the most. He plays games on it or watches TV when he doesn’t like what we are watching. He has a laptop and a shared android tablet but I think he likes the size and how fast he can get to stuff compared to his other devices.

Q: I noticed you have the Kindle app on it. Is it a nice tablet for reading?
A: Reading was the number one reason I wanted the iPad Mini. It’s about the size of a book and it is light so I don’t get tired holding it up like my Kindle or Android tablet. I recently downloaded my first magazine on it and I absolutely love the experience. It’s an issue of Entertainment Weekly and what I loved was the ability to watch behind the scenes video and links to purchase movies, books and music from the articles.

Q: Do you stream TV shows and movies?
I do stream video. The size of the screen doesn’t bother me at all even when compared to my MacBook or a 10” Android tablet.

Q: Which iPad Mini case did you get?
A: I have the smart cover and a hard-shell case that is compatible with the smart cover. I like that it keeps the screen clean and turns it off when closed.

Q: Do you FaceTime or take pictures with the Mini? Do you like the camera?
A: I have used FaceTime and taken pictures. I previously used FaceTime on my phone and I really haven’t noticed a difference between the two other than the obvious larger screen. With the camera the pictures are noticeably grainy like when you blow up an iPhone picture due to the screen size. The one thing that I like is that the frame size is larger so you can get more in the picture without he panoramic feature.

Q: Do you find typing emails or taking notes easy?
A: Typing is much easier than my iPhone. I downloaded an app called paper so I could write notes and draw with my fingers. It’s much faster than typing and something that would be difficult with my other devices.

Q: Bottomline: Was it worth the price tag?
A: The iPad Mini was definitely worth the price tag. Price has been the only reason I haven’t purchased an iPad in the past.

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