Apple sent out this press invitation for it’s October 23rd event.

The iPad Mini has not even made it’s official debut yet and the tiny tablet is already a bona fide celebrity in the tech blogosphere. Over the past few months, the Web has been flooded with leaked images, specs, and inspired speculation about Apple’s not-so-secret iPad Mini. We’re close to finding out if the rumors are true. Apple is expected to unveil the iPad Mini at a special event on October 23. So without further ado, here are the top rumors swirling around the iPad Mini.

1. Smaller than an iPad, bigger than an iPod?
There’s a general consensus that the iPad mini will look like a bigger iPod featuring a 7.85-inch screen, a super-skinny display and a thin bezel on the sides. The next big question is whether the Mini will boast Apple’s signature gorgeous retina display to try to compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire HD’s screen.

According to Tablet PC Review, the answer is no. The editors think that iPad Mini will have a lower resolution than the iPad: 1024 x 768, which means it might not come with retina display. leaked photos of what looks like the iPad Mini

2. Price and Models
A leaked image from a European retailer’s inventory system shows that the iPad Mini will be available in 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB models with either Wi-Fi or cellular network connectivity (Hopefully, that means 4G LTE connectivity). An 8GB, Wi-Fi iPad Mini is expected to cost approximately $329 (approximately €249). Considering that the new iPad has a starting price of $499, the older iPad 2 starts at $399, and the iPod Touch has a starting price of $299, it makes sense that an entry-level iPad Mini would cost around $300-$350.

An inventory of iPad Mini models and prices leaked by Mobile Geeks

3. What’s in a name?
I have become somewhat attached to the name “iPad Mini.” However, according to the Daring Fireball blog, Apple might name the device the “iPad Air” or just “iPad” instead. The blogger wrote, “ ‘Mini’ just doesn’t feel like the right way to describe something that’s remarkably thinner and lighter but not that much smaller than the regular iPad.”

4. Other specs to look out for
According to Gizmodo, here are some other features to expect from the iPad Mini.
A. Same lightning port as the iPhone 5.
B. Rear-facing camera.
C. Powered by the A5 processor of the iPad 2.

Whether this “Tweener” tablet will fill the gap between the iPhone and the iPad remains to be seen. What do you think? Would you buy the iPad Mini?

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