The iStoryTree app is a great new app for kids who love to read.  This app is a wonderful picture book and activity app all in one!  I thought that the app really had a lot to offer because of all the educational activities that accompany the story.

The story of Crab and Crane is a cute story that children will enjoy.  Kids will be able to choose between two reading modes: “Read to Me” – listen to narration, or “I Wanna Read” – read on their own.  In both reading modes, kids will be able to interact with the fun animations that are on each page.  The artwork is bright and cheery, and the music and sound effects fit the app well.  Also, for kids who really want to be involved – there is a “Recording” section, where kids can record the story in their own voice (or Mom or Dad’s voice maybe).  One unique feature is the “Avatar” section, where kids can listen to Jennie as she narrates the story with fun expressions and hand-gestures – just another way to enjoy the story of Crab and Crane!   If kids would like to learn more about the vocabulary used in the story, there is a “Dictionary” section they can visit to learn about the common words used in the story.

Once children have finished reading the story of Crab and Crane, there are several activities to do.  There are two games to play: “Catch Them All” – kids will try to catch all the fish while counting them, and “Fill Me Up” – kids will guess the missing alphabet letter in a word to fill it in (like hangman).  In the “My Gallery” section, kids will be able to experience finger painting by using the color palette and various paintbrushes, there are also stamps and words that can be put into the picture.  Once children have created their masterpiece, they can share it with family and friends on Facebook!  A fun way to color for little ones, is to use the “Magic Colors” section, where you shake the iPad and watch the picture come to life as it is colored in!

I really enjoyed the iStoryTree app and thought that it had a lot to offer kids.  I think that children will enjoy the story of Crab and Crane, as well as all the activities.  If you have kids who love to read and color – be sure to check out iStoryTree!

Price when Reviewed: $2.99

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Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is designed for iPad.

Seller: TechTree IT Systems Pvt Ltd

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.


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