Last month I reviewed a wonderful app for elementary school kids called iTooch Elementary School. Now, the developers over at eduPad have followed it up with an equally wonderful app for your Middle School-aged kids. iTooch Middle School is a great app for kids to practice Math, Language Arts, and Health in a fun and motivating way. This app contains over 10,000 exercises and, according to their website, is “the largest collection of educational activities based on the US National Common Core Standards on the App Store.”

Every grade level has an application for Language Arts and Math, with an additional Health application for 6th Grade. Each application is broken down into several themes that cover a specific skill set. For example, 6th grade Language Arts includes Reading, Writing and Composition, Grammar, Vocabulary Booster and Communication. Each theme has several chapters within it that cover those topics in greater detail. When your child chooses a chapter, they can play in either Practice Mode or Test Mode. Practice Mode has no timer and there is no penalty for skipping questions. It is, in fact, for practice. If the child needs a little extra help on the question, then they can touch the iTooch character in the bottom left hand corner that will display clues and/or the chapter summary. I like this feature a lot because it gives the child the information they need to deduce the correct answer without giving them the answer outright. In Test Mode, your child must answer 6 timed questions. The iTooch character is still available for help. While in Test Mode, you can answer the questions as many times as you want. The game only records your last answer. When the Test is complete, your child is given a “grade” based on how many questions they got correct. They can then move up to the next chapter. There is also an easy-to-read tracking sheet where you or your child can monitor their progress and see which areas they need to improve in.

In my opinion, the iTooch apps are a must-have for any household with school aged children. It is a great tool for enhancing classroom teaching or home-schooling. Plus, if your kids are at all like mine, anything done on an iPad is much more fun than doing it on paper! Another thing that I love about these apps is that they are designed by parents and educators to ensure that the information that is included is comprehensive, accurate and will reinforce what they are learning in school. This app is a free download that comes with what you need to get started and use the app on a limited basis. You can purchase the full version of any subject for $4.99 in-app, if you wish to have more resources. This truly is a valuable resource to have in your home or classroom.

Price:  Free, with in-app upgrades for $4.99 each

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Requirements:  Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later

Seller: eduPad

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