It’s Fire Prevention Week October 5th through the 11th and in order to bring awareness to this very important week, we’ve compiled some of the very best Fire Education apps for Kids below! It’s so important to talk to your little ones about Fire Safety and make sure they know what to do in the event of danger, and also how to prevent fires from starting. Take the opportunity this week to talk to your families and enjoy some of these great apps!

Firehouse Adventure

The Firehouse alarm is ringing! Put on your firefighter suit, grab your gear, and hop on the fire truck. There’s a emergency and the Little Explorers need your help. Join the Little Explorers in their Firehouse Adventure! Firehouse Adventure features eight dynamic mini games that will teach your child about the roles and responsibilities of firefighters. Earn rewards along the way that teach about firefighter equipment and fire safety.


Sparky & The Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms

Help Sparky the Fire Dog® and his pals solve a mystery!  Sparky and his friends stop by Aunt Dottie’s house to pick up items for the grand opening party of her Best Beepers Smoke Alarm Factory, but when they arrive, they spot a strange character sneaking away with a big bag.  Who is he and what was in the bag? Children and parents will love to read along and solve the mystery while learning key fire safety messages.  Plus, discover new interactions on every page! Kids can choose narrated and highlighted text or click the mute button for read-to-myself mode, helping emerging readers and strong readers alike. Learn about the importance of working smoke alarms, what to do when the smoke alarm sounds and escape planning.


Burny’s Fire Safety App

Play this engaging game to bring fire safety into focus for your family. Highly appealing voice acting combined with Alaskan cartoons drawn by a local artist connect with a range of ages. Parents, children and elders can all help Burny, Alaska’s fire safety bear, find the fire hazards in Ash the Alaskan moose’s home. Game presents fire safety tips in a fun, interactive and easy-to-understand format. Visual cues display for hard-to-find hazards. Increasing awareness of what causes fires in the home is the first step to safety. The Burny game helps your whole family become fire safety aware – in less than five minutes. Don’t let your family become a statistic – more than 2500 US citizens die in home fires each year. This game will help you identify and fix the fire hazards that jeopardize your family’s safety. Win Burny’s fire safety game – you may just win the game of life at the same time…\


Wubbzy’s Fire Engine Adventure

Trouble at the Spaghetti and Meatball Factory sends meatballs raining down on Wuzzleburg! When the Fire Chief forklifts the oodles of noodles out of Wuzzleburg, Wubbzy’s decides he wants to help, too. After rescuing Earl with the ladder and filling the birdy birdbath with the hose, Wubbzy learns to leave the real emergencies to the firefighters. Filled with hilarious tap-and-play interactivity, Wubbzy’s Fire Engine Adventure gets kids revved up and ready to learn!


Smokey Bear Books: Campfire Kids

Harold, June and their dad are on a outdoor camping trip hiking through a lush green forest. After the family goes on a long nature hike, dad lies down under a tree to take a nap. The children decide to prep a campfire to keep warm as the sun goes down. June looks for firewood but young Harold hastily builds a campfire by himself. Will his sister and Smokey find Harold in time before he lights the campfire and puts the environment and all the wildlife and animals in the park in jeopardy?


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