If you’ve got a preschooler in your house then you need to grab iWrite Words. This app will help your child learn to write their letters and numbers. In addition to entertaining all of you, I also teach preschool in my home. I know from personal experience that learning to write can be tedious for the little ones and I loved how iWrite Words takes that task and made it fun.

When your child is working with the letters they can choose from upper or lower case. On the screen will be a light outline of the letter. Inside of that will be numbers and a hungry crab. Your child takes their finger and traces from the crab to each number. When they do this they draw the letter on the screen. It’s not a computer generated drawing either. The letter will look exactly how your child traced their finger. If they finish the letter then they’ll hear it’s name spoken. The letters are presented as parts of words so as they complete each letter they build a word on the screen. When that word is done they’ll hear it spoken and get to see a picture of it. The idea is the same with the numbers. When they’ve finished writing a number they’ll hear what number it is and then see that many objects on the screen. This way they can visualize how much three is, or five or nineteen, etc.


On these screens there is a small triangle in the bottom left corner. If you press this then the app will “play” and write the letters by itself. The square next to the triangle means stop and will take the app back to the main menu. On that main menu you can also press an icon of musical notes. This asks you to tap the screen to hear the ABC song. Tap fast and it’s ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY&Z. Tap slow and you’ll hear something more like A—B—C—D, you get the idea. My son enjoys this feature, I think it’s clever and fun the first few times I hear it. But anyone with a four year old boy knows a few times of anything is just not enough.


I think this is a great app that’s colorful, easy to use and useful. My one suggestion (and this is coming from the teacher in me) would be to have an option where the letters are presented in alphabetical order and the numbers in numerical order.


Price when Reviewed: $1.99

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Seller: Global Dinamika Informatika

*You can also download “chunks” of this app. It comes as:

iWrite Words Uppercase: $.99


iWrite Words Lowercase: $.99

iWrite Words Lite: Free




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3 Responses

  1. Kristine

    We’ve got this!! My kindergartner loves it!! Great for learning to write the letters!!

  2. Amanda C

    Hi, I have a ques. It says on the app store if you have iwritewords, you don’t need the iwritenumbers – I want iwritenumbers and I have iwritewords – how do I get the numbers? Thanks

    • TheiPhoneMom
      The iPhone Mom

      I think that it’s iWriteWords and iWriteLetters that are similar but iWriteNumbers is separate. I’d look at those three app descriptions again and double check.


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