Do you have a little one that is learning their alphabet?  Or maybe your child already knows the alphabet and you would like to teach them some new words?  With Jamaroos Musical ABCs, parents can share an alphabet app that also teaches music vocabulary!  I really loved the Jamaroos Musical ABCs and thought it was a great educational app for young children.

With Jamaroos Musical ABCs, kids will join 26 animal characters (one for each letter of the alphabet), as they come to life with fun animated musical performances.  Each letter is presented with a medley of phonetic sounds, letters, words, movable images and music.  Kids will love all the interactive touch points on the screen that cause things to happen.  From A to Z, kids can explore all the hidden surprises on each page…there are hundreds of opportunities to interact by tapping, dragging and swiping.  In addition to learning the 26 letters of the alphabet, children learn 104 vocabulary words that have been chosen specifically to help them develop phonetic correctness and prepare them for reading as a preschooler.  There are also 416 movable and stackable icons that kids can use to illustrate words, while strengthening their fine motor skills.  The app features quite a bit of information on music as well, including musical instrument descriptions for both familiar and exotic instruments.  This app meets Common Core standards for elementary grades K – 2 (English/Language Arts).  Parents can turn the music and sound on and off, this way kids can practice saying things on their own without assistance from narration if they wish.  There are also no in-app purchases or advertisements to worry about, which is always nice.

I really enjoyed the Jamaroos Musical ABCs app.  I would definitely recommend this app to parents of preschoolers.  I know I will be playing this app with my 3 year old son for sure, as he loves music and his ABCs!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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Nikki is a retired bookkeeper, starting her second career as a stay at home mom. She lives with her husband, son and yellow lab in North Carolina. She loves technology and gadgets – and her iPad is one of her favorites. One of her favorite things about apps is that they are so versatile – there are apps for teaching kids, apps for entertainment, apps for hobbies…She definitely believes the phrase “There’s an app for that…”

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