Inspiring children to reach for the stars and dream big dreams is the aim of Jetpack Journeys. In their own words “To put people on the moon… we must first inspire the child.” And the graphic detail they have used is definitely inspirational.

As you set a course through the solar system you’ll encounter satellites and asteroids. I found it a good idea toavoid those so I didn’t disrupt their orbit or my flight pattern. Stars will also cross your path and you can choose to collect them. Viewing images of far off galaxies and of course the planets in our solar system is a treat with this app. I even spotted a solar flare as I made my way around the sun.

Your trip through the galaxy is a free form exploration. While it was nice to not have requirements to fill on the journey, unfortunately for this Mom,  the lack of direction left me feeling slightly adrift. I think adding a few gentle prompts from the characters would offer helpful instruction without imposing requirements. Although maneuvering through space is rather simple, it took me a while to find out how to access the planets and the rocket building stations.

I really liked the idea of building my own rocket. There are so many options to choose from and while my ice cream fuselage wasn’t a seamless fit to my rocket boosters or landing gear it had no negative impact on my ability to blast off into space and explore the surface of the planets.  After landing you can investigate the terrain in the same manner you viewed the galaxy. Trees and flowers are found on Earth and red soil is found on Mars. When flying around the mountainous landscape of Venus I found that I could even travel into the lava tubes to collect things.

Jetpack Journeys has real potential for inspiring young minds.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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