I am always on the lookout for great books to add to my digital collection. As much as I love the games, I get such a great feeling when I see the little ones reading and interacting with a digital book on my iPad. This particular story, “Jubitron the Girl Robot: The Lovely Little Picnic” is about (as its name suggests) a little robot girl named Jubitron, who decides to have a picnic with her friends Mr. Alligator and Little Birdie one day. They each bring some food and set out for a lovely day, which is almost ruined by some rain. Without giving away the entire cute little storyline, all ends well and they have a fabulous picnic as planned.

This story is well-suited for children as young as 2 years, but can also be enjoyed by early readers, as the story has both “Read to Me” and “Read Myself” options. Toddlers will enjoy that this story is not very long, along with the bright illustrations and playful music that changes on just about every page. Each page is also interactive, and all ages will enjoy tickling Mr. Alligator, or squeezing the clouds to make more rain drops come out. If you can’t seem to figure out what the interactive feature on the page is, a friendly little bird is at the bottom of every page to give you a hint about what to do, which is a very nice touch! Another feature that I really liked, is that even if you are in the “Read Myself” mode, you can still click on words and have them dictated, which is a great feature for early readers if they find themselves struggling with a word here and there.

Jubitron is definitely a nice addition to your digital library, especially if you have little ones who love play and interact with a great book.

The app is on sale through the end of March, so be sure to get it before the price goes up to its regular $2.99. I thought it was also worth mentioning that the app was recently released in the Amazon app store, and it will be coming to Nook and Google Play soon as well, for those of you who might also have an Android device.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes

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