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July 2013 Newsletter

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With school officially out for summer 2013, children and parents everywhere are enjoying those idyllic lazy days filled with pool time, popsicles and a break from the hustle and bustle of the school year. As wonderful as these days can be, what parents don’t often realize is the loss of knowledge that occurs in children during these months. The numbers are shocking: according to the National Summer Learning Association, students can lose two to three months of their math and reading skills! As parents, it’s up to us to keep those minds working over the summer to curb the dreaded “summer slide.”

How can we do that you ask? In addition to lots of trips to the local library, we’ve rounded up some of the best educational apps to help your students stay sharp over the summer, while still having some fun. One of the most important things that children can do over the summer months (and all year long) to keep their brains working is to read. Reading can be even more fun now thanks to interactive books for all ages on mobile devices, and we have an entire section of dedicated to books. Check it out and download some great reads for your kids today from our vast catalog of book reviews. In addition to reading, there can be a huge loss in critical math skills over the summer. In our new Education category, you can browse through apps that work on everything from math to learning a new language!

Highlighted Educational Apps

Below you’ll find some of our top picks of great educational apps to keep your students brains trained over the next few months. For a complete list, please visit and browse by age or category to find the best ones for your family’s specific needs.

Operation Math

Great math app that covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for ages 5-12 and offers fun incentives for the right answers!


Kindergarten Reading

Created by Duck Duck Moose, this phonics game is based on the Common Core State Standards – Foundational Skills of Reading at Kindergarten. The app contains nine word and letter activities to reinforce letter sound recognition for all consonants, short vowels, and long vowels. Great for pre-readers to practice before kindergarten!



Parents are always looking for great handwriting apps and LetterSchool is one of the most engaging handwriting apps we have seen to date. We loved all of the exciting animations and your children are sure to be captivated!


MindSnacks SAT Vocab Review

Challenging and fast paced approach to expanding your vocabulary for college entrance exams. Addicting and easy way to study if your little ones are all grown up!


Summer Contests

This summer, in addition to our weekly promocode contests, we’ll also be giving away some great products, accessories, subscriptions and gift cards! Be sure to check our contest section every Monday to see what exciting giveaway we have for you. This week, we’re giving away promocodes for four fantastic apps, so enter for your chance to win today! The contest will close on July 15.


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