The JumpStart Pet Rescue app introduces your child to an expansive, interactive 3D world.  I thought that this app provided a more in-depth user experience than what you typically find.  I think that children will love the variety of gameplay as well.

With JumpStart Pet Rescue, kids can explore five different worlds (lands) that each offer unique and important skill sets.  Letter and number recognition, vocabulary and creativity are just a few of the skills taught throughout the app.  Since, pet rescue is the theme of this app, kids can adopt, play with and care for new pet pals along the way.  There are more than 10 pets included in the app to play with, care for and feed.  Kids will set up their own player, basically an avatar, at the beginning of the app – they will use this avatar to explore the immersive worlds.  I thought that children would enjoy being able to create and accessorize their own avatar, and I know they will love being able to rescue animals as pets!  I should mention that in addition to creating an avatar, there are also plenty of other customizable features (your house, etc.).

There are over 50 activities throughout the app that will teach children many essential learning skills, such as vocabulary, number recognition and much more.  Kids can visit the JumpStart Art Studio and create their very own artwork.  There are also quite a few digital coloring pages as well.  In addition to being artistic, kids can enjoy over 10 storybooks featuring the JumpStart pals as the characters!

I enjoyed the JumpStart Pet Rescue app.  I thought that this app had a lot to offer, and was impressed with the variety of activities available.  I would definitely recommend checking out this app, I know I will be sharing it with my son!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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