Welcome to the Jungle! We’ve got fun and games!  A trip to the tropics would be welcome right now.  Especially after I spent the day I was supposed to be snug in my house putting the finishing touches on this post, marooned at a roadside hotel waiting for plows to open the roads after a sudden and severe winter storm. Although this post was delayed, if your are looking for a fun and entertaining way for your 3-5 year old to practice early learning skills don’t delay checking out Jungle Picnic.

imageCharlie Monkey is very excited to go on a picnic with his friends and wants to help with everything. He’s so excited he just can’t stop being silly and now he’s thrown a monkey wrench in the process and made a complete mess. In story mode join the adventure to bring things together by helping Ralph the Giraffe catch food for the meal and then help Alice the Zebra pack it neatly into the basket. Just when it looks like things are running smoothly, Charlie can’t contain his excitement and scatters all their food again. Will the picnic be ruined or can you help him fix it?
Jungle Picnic has packed their game basket with three really fun educational games that you can enjoy during the story or individually in game mode.

  • Fruit Collect – Ralph is hungry, but picky. Here children will identify what he wants and  feed him the matching fruit.  Basic level matches pear to pear but challenges step up when he wants something green or square shaped and then multiple items.  Kids will enjoy tossing food at him to eat with a finger swipe motion or tossing unwanted items aside.
  • Basket Sorting – Hone sorting skills by placing the collected food items in the basket.  I love that this game isn’t just follow along, but includes opportunity for creative thought and problem solving.  As the difficulty increases, players will have to decide for themselves how to best pack the basket.
  • The Picnic – Its up to you to save the day.  Serve up the hungry friends with exactly what they want and pass it to their plate. (Not to worry these picnickers are real animals and their tummies can hold a lot.)

Parents will love the educational content in this app.  You are encouraged to play along with your child as they practice matching, sorting, and one-to-one correspondence. Fine motor skills are practiced as children coordinate their efforts to grab, drag and drop the food.  Literacy is a focus throughout the story with follow-along highlighted text during narration.

Jungle Picnic is full of silly antics young children will enjoy.  The graphics are crisp and the interactions are engaging but not over stimulating.  I think children of all ages will enjoy going on this picnic and learning along the way.

Price when Reviewed: $0.99

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Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Seller: Shiny Things Software Pty Ltd © Shiny Things Pty. Ltd.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.




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