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Are you looking for a way to make YouTube safer for your child?  If so, be sure to check out JuniorTube!  With JuniorTube, parents can push pre-approved videos they have selected to their kids’ iPads, iPhones and iPods over wi-fi!  Parents will simply use YouTube.com or the YouTube app to browse and add safe videos to their own YouTube playlists, then sync the videos automatically to the JuniorTube app.  I thought that this app had a great concept, and would be very helpful for parents.

The JuniorTube app allows parents to decide which videos are acceptable for their children to watch.  This is a powerful feature which takes the worry out of online video-viewing.  The JuniorTube app can play pre-approved videos continuously, much like watching a cable TV channel broadcasting.

Another feature that I thought was really neat, kids can draw and annotate on top of the pre-approved videos that they watch on JuniorTube, making it an educational and interactive experience! I should mention that only the iPad version allows for annotation. I thought that this could be fun to use in a classroom setting as well, teachers could use educational videos, and students could take notes right on top of the videos! JuniorTube can be used even when YouTube may be blocked at some schools. Kids can even create and share digital stories made out of their annotated video snapshots – think classroom reports! JuniorTube also allows for streaming to TV media adapters at home or in the classroom, such as: Apple TV, Chromecast and others. I love how this app has lots of great applications at home and school.

I really like the JuniorTube app!  I think that this app would be a great help for parents and teachers who are looking to make video-viewing more safe for their kids, as well as an educational experience.  I will definitely be using this app for my 4 year old son!

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