Kandy Fish is a new iPad app aimed towards the preschool crowd. The app centers around a group of brightly colored fish – Kandy Fish. The fish are featured in several different activities and a story. Here’s a quick glance at each section.

Kandy Kolor – This is where your preschooler can color in pictures of the Kandy fish. The colors provided are red, yellow, green and blue. They may tap on a color and then paint in the sketch with their finger. There’s also a rainbow paint. If they tap on this then they can swipe over the sketch and it will fill in with pre-selected colors. Seven sketches are provided and one features a large, easy to paint fish. The others show smaller fish that may be difficult for small fingers to paint. They’ll probably find themselves using the rainbow color on these illustrations.

Kolor Pots – Four different colored fish are swimming across the screen. Below them, on the ocean floor sit four paint buckets. Your preschooler must drag the fish to the paint buckets they match. When they’re correct the fish will disappear. Once they’ve sorted all four fish a new set will appear.

Kandy Fun – In Kandy Fun your preschooler will see three fish sitting in fish bowls at the bottom of the screen. Together they make a pattern. Your child must choose one of the fish that’s still swimming around and drag them into the last empty fish bowl, completing the pattern.

Kandy Time – In Kandy Time your child is asked to use their finger to trace a simple line or shape on the screen. After they’ve traced it correctly the fish will fall into place and swim along the lines your child has drawn. There are six different things to trace.

Kandy Fish Story – The story about the Kandy Fish is cute and goes hand in hand with the app’s activities. An animated version of the story is also available. It runs about two and a half minutes long.

Kandy Fish is a colorful app that’s simple and will be easy for children to follow and use. The only thing that disappointed me about this app was the coloring section. I wish the sketches were just a bit more child friendly. I like to see bold lines and large sections that are easy for little fingers to move in. According to iTunes a future update will include stickers, additional animation and another movie.

I have one promo code available for Kandy Fish. Interested? You’ll need to own an iPad and have access to the US App Store. If that’s you then leave me a promo code. I’ll choose a random winner over the weekend.

Price when Reviewed: $.99

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Seller: Emantras, Inc.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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