Do your kids struggle with the concept of money, identifying coins and their value? Or do they have it down but maybe need some extra practice? If so then you’ll definitely want to take a look at Keep the Change Kids. This one had me hooked! It takes coin recognition and value and turns it all into a fun, addicting game.

Keep the Change Kids comes with four mini-lessons that players need to go through before they can play the game. They’ll start out with pennies and what a penny looks like on both the heads and tails side of the coin. They’ll also review the value of a penny and how it can be written. Then they’ll play a sample version of the game where they must find a certain amount of cents in a puzzle by connecting the correct amount of pennies. Once they’ve done a few examples in the game they’ll move on to the next lesson which is nickels. It’s presented in the same format. Nickels is followed by dimes which is followed by quarters. Each mini-lesson builds on the previous one, teaching coin equivalencies so children will learn how many pennies equal a nickel, etc. The app calls them lessons but I think of them as mini-lessons because they are short. They are perfect if children already have an understanding of money or if they’re learning about it at school. But I wouldn’t recommend using these lessons as the sole instruction on coin recognition and value for your child.

After children have completed all four lessons they are free to play the game. This is where I found myself hooked. The game involves a screen of various coins, some are head side up, others are tails up. Players are given an amount of money and now they must connect the correct coins to add up to that amount. This is the same thing from the lessons only trickier, the totals and the coins involved will be trickier and now players are timed and earning points. I found myself thinking, I’ll just play one more. Ok, now just one more. I can’t wait to get this into the hands of both my 3rd grader who needs practice with these concepts and my 6th grader who loves Math and Math games.

Keep the Change Kids is the educational version of the free app Keep the Change. There are no ads or in-app purchases here! Just terrific educational fun.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes. 


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