Kids just love pretending to do things that grown-ups do and pretending to drive the car is no exception.  I used to love it when the girls would build cars out of the couch cushions or cardboard boxes and “drive” to Grandma’s house. Driving toys have been around for a long time and you’ll find quite a few on the app market, like Kids Toy Car Game Simulator.

Kids Toy Car comes fully loaded with interactive options. On the wheel are levers for wipers, blinkers and high and low beam headlights. Need some tunes for the road? There are four presets. Maybe your family is used to parking in some tight spots or on the curb, the side-view mirrors retract with a touch of the button. Explore the glove compartment, turn up the fan, or use the hazard lights its all available. This car has push button start and the gas and brake pedals are operational. Although there really isn’t much maneuverability with the car the weather and environment change as you roll along. You’ll pass through snow and rain, daylight and dark and city and country scenes.  Be sure to press the brake and stop at red lights, crosswalks and train crossings too. 

One simulator feature unique to this particular app is the ability to pop the hood and check the fluids.  Kids can pull out the dipstick to see their oil level.  If its low, add a quart. With a finger tap its easy to take off the caps for all the fluid and pour in more.  I really like this feature, maybe I should use it as a reminder game for my girls that are now teen drivers :).

After testing the app in our family, I think it is best suited for young preschoolers, Kindergartner’s will probably tire of it quickly. For me the sound effects got old fast. The windows have an awful screech and not all the preset radio options were to my liking, but that’s just personal opinion. Its an easy fix though, I turned the sound off on the main menu. Because it has so many options to explore kids seem to really like the app.  Note sure I’d spend $2 on it though. 

This app is also available for Android on Google Play.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of the app for review purposes.

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  1. Michael

    I gave it to my kids on my Iphone! They were amused:) Highly recommended.


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