I am impressed with the variety of visual addition activities to be found in the Kindergarten Addition app. This app seems to strike a good balance between interactivity and teaching the concept of addition. Children will be tapping, moving and counting objects on the screen and everything comes together to create effective learning activities.

There are eight different activities and the first time children go through the app these will be modeled and explained. Each problem must be solved and children will find the answer in a group of numbers shown at the bottom of the screen. They must select the correct answer and drag it to the blank spot in the equation to complete the addition problem. The learning activities include the following:

Frog Jump Number Line – Here children are given an addition problem and shown a frog on a lily pad. The lily pad is numbered with the first number in the addition problem and children then tap on the frog the number shown in the second part of the equation. The frog jumps that many times and lands on the answer to the addition problem.

Counting Fingers – Here an addition problem is shown and it is also represented by an illustration of fingers on two hands. One hand shows the number in the first part of the problem, the second hand the second number. Children tap the fingers and the app counts them up to reach the answer.

Ruler Measure – In this activity there is a ruler on the side of the screen. Children are given an addition problem and two different objects. Each object’s size represents a number in the problem. Children drag the objects to the ruler and stack them on top of each other. When they do this the total measurement is shown and they have the answer to their problem.

Dice – Here an addition problem is represented on two dice. Children tap the dots on the dice to count up to the answer of the problem.

Horizontal & Vertical Match Up – Children will see a math fact written out horizontally and one shown vertically. They must make the two equations match and this will display the answer on a number line.

Block Stacking – A number line is shown on the side of the screen. There are colored blocks that correspond with the numbers in the addition problem. Children drag and stack the blocks next to the number line where the number moves to represent the final answer.

Object Counting – Children are given objects that match the numbers in the addition problem. They tap the objects to hear them counted. When they have counted them all they’ll have their answer.

Final Exam – In this activity children will be asked to solve addition problems without the visual aids from the previous activities.

Kindergarten Addition comes with progress reports that show where children are at in the app. A color coded graph represents how children are doing with each of the activities. Parents can also disable specific exercises. The app supports profiles for multiple children and supports the spoken languages of Spanish and English. This looks to me to be a terrific math app for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners.

Price when Reviewed: Free for limited time.

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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Seller: I Did It Learning LLC

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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