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Krenshaw the Pirate is an interactive story about an epic battle that takes place at sea. A battle that tests wit, bravery, valor, and courage. A battle where some must die, some must be sacrificed for the good of the team and one where there is one man left standing. That’s right, it is a chess game between mean old Captain Krenshaw the Pirate and the sly Willy Dewitt!

This silly and fun tale begins as Captain Krenshaw and Willy meet around the chess board to battle it out. Captain Kenshaw’s crew is there, as well as his parrot, to cheer him on. At first, the match is close; a move for a move, a pawn for a pawn. But then the game takes a turn and Willy Dewitt calls out those magical words, “Check Mate.” Krenshaw is outraged at his loss and commands his men to cut of his head! His sensible second mate offers another suggestion and Willy must walk the plank instead. As Willy is about to take a plunge into the drink, he lets Krenshaw and his crew in on a little secret that turns the tables and proves that, once again, Willy has the upper hand on old Krenshaw.

This was a delightful children’s tale that had me and my kids chuckling at the end. Most of the pages have fun interactive treasures that bring the story to life and make it all the more fun for the reader. My kids loved how the crotchety old pirate got what was coming to him at the end, and asked to read it again and again. I thought the story was perfectly written for its target audience and would even appeal to preschool aged children as well. For 99 cents, I would definitely recommend this story to any family with kids 8 and under. They will love it and so will you!

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