Welcome to the enchanted Land of the Magic Stones where a mischievous dragon has wreaked havoc on nearly everyone in the land!  Your job as a magic sorcerer is to visit the different places in the land and restore order.  In return for your services, you will earn valuable ingredients you need to create magic stones in your laboratory.  These stones will help defeat the dragon and allow you to live in peace once and for all!

When your child opens the app, they are given the opportunity to create their own profile and create the character that will represent them as a Magic Sorcerer in the game.  That character must search the land for the ingredients he or she needs to create magic stones.  Pictures of the ingredients are shown in the laboratory and corresponding pictures appear in the land where you must go to find them.  In order to earn the ingredients, however, your child must complete a series of puzzles, quizzes or games.  These activities get increasingly more difficult as your child successfully completes each level.  Once you have completed the activities and earned your ingredients, you must return to your laboratory and put the appropriate ingredients into your magic cauldron to create a magic stone.  Once you have created all of the stones you can face off against the dragon and restore peace to the land!

This app is packed with fun and engaging puzzles and activities that are sure to keep your children entertained.  All of the activities are fully interactive.  They get increasingly difficult so as to keep your child challenged but not discouraged.  The games utilize skills such as problem solving, logic, and math.  The characters you encounter are silly and fun which make them very likable for children.  I really appreciated that this app did such a great job of explaining what was expected and giving verbal cues when needed so that my children could navigate through the app on their own.  The only gripe I have about this app, is there seemed to be a bit of a delay when moving around the app.  It took a few seconds each time I entered a new area for the app to load the new scene.  It was a minor inconvenience but it did slow the flow of the games a bit.  Land of the Magic Stones is sure to provide hours of entertainment for your children.   The characters are funny and cute, the games are fun and innovative, and the skills practiced are educational and valuable.

Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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