Have you done a Flat Stanley project with your children? It’s an imaginative geography project where your child creates a paper doll to look like them and then mail it off to a friend or family member for a fun tour. The travel logs and maps they return with are impressive for helping children connect themselves to other places and learn about that area. Learn the 50 States with Flat Stanley shortens the postal turn around time in this fun new app.

To learn the 50 States with Stanley you will be using a massive sling shot to deliver him to specific states. A postal notice will tell you what state to send him to. Taking aim is easy, as you pull back on the sling shot a dotted line illustrates his trajectory and his landing site is highlighted. For close range an easy pull does the trick, for distance increase your draw length. If you launch Stanley to the wrong place on the map, a pop up display names the state where you landed and points out the correct destination. If you send Stanley to the correct state you are asked to spell it. When our 5th grader tried the app she though this step was too easy since they give you all the letters to unshuffle and the name actually appears on the top of the screen.

Once you have delivered Stanley to the correct state it lights up and you can access fun details educating you not only on its map location but the capital, state bird and flower and famous landmarks. For instance, did you know that:  Shoshone Falls in Idaho are 45 feet higher than Niagara Falls? or that a stretch of the Colorado River in Arizona is named for it’s horseshoe shape?  or that two states have the Eastern Bluebird as their official bird: Missouri and New York…   Well you get the picture.

Additionally with each turn the app logs your ratio of first try hits and the time it takes you to complete a region. Although this isn’t recorded it still made for some friendly competition as we tried to show who had the best knowledge of US Geography. I would totally have won the North East but I had trouble aiming Stanley to Delaware and Rhode Island, even through those were the states highlighted when I let Stanley fly.

When our middle daughter mailed off her snail mail Stanley, Grandpa was making frequent trips to Europe. His adventures with Stanley took him through Poland and into Germany for a very important stop at the Haribo factory. Lu was the hit of the class when she shared the travel log and a 5 pound container of Gummi Bears. Even with no candy included, Learn the 50 State with Flat Stanley really delivers.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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