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Letter Trace Battle is an app that parents and kids will both agree hits the target! This app combines letter writing practice with a fun shooting game that will provide hours of educational fun. Not only do children benefit from letter writing skills, but they also learn the sounds of each letter, names of healthy fruits and veggies, as well as the opportunity to hone their hand eye coordination skills. This game is a win-win for everyone!

The game is simple to play but the shooting element of the game gives it a competitive twist that will appeal to older children. The game is timed so the player can see how long it takes them to complete each letter. To begin play, select a letter to trace. Next, use your finger to trace the letter at the bottom of the screen. Once the letter is successfully traced, the player gets a chance to shoot a piece of fruit at the worms and junk food that is moving across the screen. If they hit their target, a letter of a word that starts with the letter you are tracing fills in. The player keeps tracing the letter over and over again until the junk food is obliterated and the word is completely filled in. At that point, the player can move on to another letter or replay the same letter and try to beat their time.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun this app was to play. I found my competitive nature coming out as I tried to quickly trace each letter and shoot the offending junk food on screen. My preschooler was equally as drawn to this game and he loved learning his letters and shooting bad guys! It is really genius the way the developer incorporated a video game type element to keep kids engaged and eager to learn their letters. Even my older kids who are master writers wanted a turn so they could shoot as well! Letter Trace Battle is an app that will appeal to kids of all ages and skill levels. It is a fantastic way to teach writing, fine motor skills and have a whole lot of fun!

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