Here is another app to put a child friendly spin on YouTube. Because YouTube without parental supervision can most definitely be child unfriendly. Lil Buddy works as a “portable video channel” for your toddler. It comes preset with several different video categories – Nursery Rhymes, Colors, Animal, Alphabets, Numbers, Cartoons and Daily Activities. Lil Buddy has taken YouTube videos and added them to these categories. You’ll be able to select a category and then play a video directly from the app for your child. In addition to the included videos you can also add your own with a playlist from your YouTube account. This way you will be able to include your child’s favorites.

YouTube has endless entertainment possibilities. Being able to pick and choose what you let your child see will keep them safe from the endless ickiness that YouTube can also provide. Lil Buddy makes it easy for you to make those choices and to share that entertainment on the go.

Price when Reviewed: $2.99

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Seller: Novus Laurus

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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    Version 1.1 is not out!!! Two important new playlists are added: 1. America’s Nanny Michelle LaRowe is featured in the playlist ‘Expert Faves’ (a list by experts in early childhood education). 2. ‘Books Read Out Loud’ . If you have Lil’ Buddy on your device then you should see a free update in the appstore on your device.


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