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Nothing says springtime more than fuzzy little chicks and Little Chickies by Canticos is a wonderful way to enjoy springtime through activity and song! Based on the classic Spanish children’s song “Los Pollitos Dicen” (or The Little Chicks Say), your children will fall in love with these adorable little chicks and the catchy tune that goes along with it!

When the app first opens, three eggs appear on the screen. Using your finger to tap on the eggs, the shells crack and reveal the three cute chickies and the song plays in Spanish. The chickies fly down to a room where you can access the rest of the activities. If you tap on the eggs in the nest, children can decorate and design their own egg. With multiple colors, patterns and stickers, there are hours of creative fun waiting to unfold. Selecting the radio will take you into a music scale that highlights the music notes on the scale while the song plays. You can also use the tabs at the bottom of the screen to change the language the song is sung in. Some of the choices include English, French, Italian, and Chinese! Next, tap on the flower pot to create your own unique flower bouquet. Finally, you can tap on the guitar and strum a tune with the chickies playing back-up on percussion.

This app was a blast back to my childhood! I grew up in a Latino family and my grandma and cousin would sing “Los Pollitos” to us all of the time! I love that I have this app now to share with my children so they can have this in their childhood as well. The graphics are vibrant and beautiful and those three chickies are so cute and full of personality! The activities are a lot of fun as well. This is the perfect springtime app with the chickies, eggs and flowers. One warning, however, is that after a few minutes you will find yourself humming this catchy tune as you go about your day!

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