What could be more fun than finger painting for a child, or adult for that matter? Feeling the thick, creamy paint as your fingers smooth it across the page. Its a delight for the senses. In Live Colors for Kids finger painting can be a mess free portable, creative experience for your child.

Anytime, anywhere you have access to 20  animated templates, countless blank pages and a scrapbook of your favorite masterpieces. The buttons and images are big, for easy toddler use and the straightforward three option home page is free from distractions. Children may choose an open art experience using a blank screen or they may want to color an existing page. Either place they are sure to have fun mixing colors on the palette. Paint can be used straight from the cans or mixed. Older children will enjoy learning how to mix colors.  Touching the question mark on the palette brings up a tutorial for blending. While most preschoolers can tell you that yellow and blue make green its fun for them to experiment with adding white or black to change the tone. After they put on the finishing touches saving a picture of their work to the scrapbook is easy, just touch the camera icon in the corner.

I loved the encouragement that is given while working the app, but while the music is fun and upbeat sometimes it was a little much. A music off option would allow the positive reinforcement to continue but not be bothersome in a public place.

In a home where its still common for art projects to cover the dining room table, I really liked the clean look of this app. Coloring won’t always stay inside the lines so it helps children learn motor control yet allows for embellishment when they want. I think this app is a great art experience for young children.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of the app for review purposes.

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