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Take quality children’s literature and combine it with the ability to record yourself reading it and send it off to the children you love and you have LuvYa Reader Recorder/Listener. This app is a wonderful way to share beloved Bible stories with your children as well as a very personal way to share stories with loved ones who may live far away. Your children will love listening to, receiving and sharing stories with those they love.

LuvYa Reader Recorder is the first component to this duo of apps. It provides you with a library of books that you can read and record yourself reading aloud. Those stories can then be saved and shared anytime your want. Your children can access these stories anytime they want and can have a story read to them, even when you can’t sit and read it at that moment. Another great feature of this app is the ability to send these stories to others. Parents can send them to their kids if they are out of town or live away from their child. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, or other family members can send stories to each other through the app and stay connected despite distance. Or, children can send stories to friends or family members as well.

LuvYa Reader Listener is the second component that really completes the reading experience. This app allows users to see when people send them new books. This app provides a virtual book shelf, of sorts, and users are notified when a new book shows up on their shelf. They can then access this book and listen to it whenever they want. It is kind of like a virtual mailbox. My kids loved checking this app for new stories from their grandparents everyday and were so excited when new books showed up!

I really loved this app for two main reasons. First of all, I loved the quality of the stories. Each book that I read had beautiful illustrations and a valuable and uplifting message. The stories not only shared non-denominational Christian values but messages of faith, hope and goodness. In a world that is filled with so much negativity and evil, it is wonderful to have access to stories that teach my children values. The second reason I loved this app is the way that it connects families and loved ones regardless of distance. My children have several family members that live out of state and they were so excited for me to tell them about this app so that they could send and receive stories with them. I was also pleasantly surprised that they wanted to even share these stories with their friends that live down the street. They loved these books so much that they wanted to share them with their friends! I would highly recommend this app to any family. The stories are beautiful, uplifting, and your children will love them!

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  1. Luisa

    I have actually been toilling with building audio speakers awhile now and getting better with woodworking
    skills because of this.


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