Mandy & Andy Renovating is a story about two cats who travel with their Uncle Tobias and friend, Mortimer Mouse, to help Hermie the Hermit remodel his cottage. Things don’t go exactly as planned and it turns out Hermie the Hermit hasn’t been as much of a hermit after all. The fun in this storybook apps comes from the hidden things on each page. As you go through the story you’ll want to watch for things that sparkle or change color. That’s an indication that something is hiding in that spot on the screen. Tap on the spot and discover what’s there. After you’ve seen all the pages and found all the secrets the story ends on a happy note with some great problem solving from Mandy & Andy.

The app allows you to read the story to yourself or to listen to it read aloud. It features three languages – English, French & Chinese. When you change the language both the written words and those spoken aloud are switched to the new language. Many & Andy Renovating isn’t the longest storybook app that I’ve tried but I liked it’s interactive twist. Having things hidden on the pages lets readers get involved with the story instead of simply listening to it.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

Mandy and Andy Renovating

Seller: BeiZ Ltd.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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