Marble Math and Marble Math Jr are the brand new apps from ArtGig, developers of Alien Buddies one of my favorite apps for preschoolers. With these new apps they are tackling math for elementary schoolers and they’re doing it very well! Players are given a task (collect the numbers that add up to 48, put the numbers in order from largest to smallest, find the numbers larger than 73) and to solve it they either roll or drag a marble through a labyrinth. When they have successfully completed the task an exit hole lights up and they must guide their marble out of the maze. Sometimes there is only one answer to find, other times they must collect multiple items from the maze. All of it will require some critical thinking. Now in addition to solving the math problems while children must also worry about obstacles in the way. Not to worry though, there are rewards and special helps to collect too. I was glad to see the obstacles, it provides an extra bit of challenge and also draws players into the game. I know it did for me! I tried both dragging and rolling my marble through the maze and I definitely preferred rolling it. Dragging is a good option for younger players and those who don’t need the added pressure of controlling the marble by tilting their device.

There are three different levels to the game and each presents different concepts. Parents can go into the app’s settings and turn on or off the concepts they’d like their children to work on. Even if you choose to leave them all on I think it’s a good idea to go in and take a look at everything your child will be working on. Here’s the list from iTunes of what is covered in Marble Math:

  • addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • adding and sequencing fractions with different denominators
  • sequencing roman numerals
  • factoring
  • sequencing decimals
  • adding and subtracting negative integers
  • adding US coins and notes
  • comparing number values
  • simplifying equations

Doesn’t that look like a great list for the older kids? If a player gets stuck on a problem there’s a button that will show them the correct answer. This will simulate how the problem would have been solved in the game not just tell your child the answer. I thought that was great. I don’t have the iTunes list for Marble Math Jr but from the playing the game I can tell you children will be working on adding numbers 1-20, equivalence between numbers/dice/tallies, sequencing, money, addition using 10s and 100’s, clocks and addition to 100 in equations.

Marble Math Jr is definitely for younger players and Marble Math is for older, ages 9-12. Marble Math is currently available in iTunes and Jr will be launching soon. I’ve had a chance to try out both and younger players should wait for Jr. It’ll be worth the wait and developed for their math skill level. Marble Math is definitely for the older kids and I’m glad that ArtGig released an app just for them. Well done!

Price when Reviewed: $2.99

Marble Math: See the app in iTunes

Marble Math jr: See the app in iTunes

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Seller: Artgig Studio

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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  1. Gareeb

    I think it is the best calculation application for Apple devices. Installed it to my iPhone, one week ago and my children is not letting me having hands on my phone now 😀


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