I’m trying to stay on top of the end of season soccer parties, middle school orchestra concert and Kindergarten Harvest Party that will all be happening in the next couple of days. Plus there’s that little holiday that’s finally arriving this weekend. The one that requires loads of buildup for an hour of walking the neighborhood in the cold, begging for candy. Here’s hoping the kids bring home plenty of 100 Grand Bars because that is how I’d like to be paid for my costume services.

What I’m trying to say in my “I’m writing late at night” round about way is that I’ve been unable to do timely reviews for all the apps that have come my way recently. But I did want to get the word out that this one, Matching Game Memory Pairs, is going to be free today and tomorrow. If you get a chance to grab it come back and tell us what you thought. ~Heather

See the app in iTunes.

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