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Do you have a child who is ready to practice their math skills?  Or maybe a child who loves math and would enjoy playing a math game?  If so, you should definitely check out Math Be Nimble.  I thought the Math Be Nimble app would be great for various ages, and would definitely improve your mental quickness when it comes to solving math problems.

The Math Be Nimble app is simple to play, just choose your color (perfectly complete one round in each color level to complete the rainbow challenge!) and solve math problems as quickly as you can to earn awards and reach goals within the game.  I thought that this app would be a great activity for the whole family (those old enough to complete math problems).  I like how kids can simply pick up the app and play a few rounds each day to work on their math skills and increase their speed and problem solving ability.

Another feature of this app that I liked – there is not a list of answers, so children must work through and solve the math problems on their own (no guessing)!  This is a great way to make sure that children are really putting their math skills to use and learning how to solve the problems!  The app can be challenging, but very rewarding.

I thought the new Math Be Nimble app was a great way for children to practice their mental math skills.  I would recommend this app to parents who would like to help their child work on their math skills and problem solving skills.  The app is free to download and includes a one-time In-App Purchase option to go ad free for $0.99.

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