All Aboard! Math Express is an engaging new app designed for children ages 4-7 (my three year old loves it too) that combines trains, animals, and math to create an enjoyable learning experience. First your little one will need to choose a conductor for their train- they can choose a boy or girl image, or take their own photo. Once your child has their train setup, they will then start their journey meeting different animals along the way. Children will need to solve three math problems to collect the animal and add them (and a new train car) to their train. The math featured is simple addition problems. A number of animal related objects i.e., bones for the dog, are displayed as well as the written number. For example, if the problem is 2 +7 =, not only will that be displayed but there will also be 2 bones displayed in one color and 7 bones in another. This helps young children learn how to add. Not only do they see the numbers but also they can count the items displayed. Once all three of the math problems have been solved, kids can chose the color of the new train car and that animal is now part of their train. Your child will get to collect a total of nine animals on their way and at the end will be issued a certificate of completion.

My daughter adores this app. We took her picture for the train conductor and she loves to see herself every time the train drives by when she adds a new animal. This game is a great introduction to addition for her because, while she doesn’t know how to add by just looking at the numbers, she is very good at counting the total number of objects on the screen to get the answer to the problem. The graphics of Math express are kid friendly; the animals are adorable and I can see why my daughter gets excited every time she collects a new one. To me, this app is a perfect learning tool for young children.

Price When Reviewed: FREE

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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.


Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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