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What do you pick up and never want to put down? What is black and white and fun all over? What is a great way to practice fractions and giggle at the same time? Math Galaxy Fraction and Decimal Riddles is the answer to all three! This app is a fun and ingenious way to help kids actually want to practice fractions and learn some fun riddles while they are at it!

Math Galaxy is a pretty straightforward and easy app to use. This game can be played with one, two or three players. To start playing, select how many players will be playing. Next, choose which fraction skill you want to practice. You can choose fractions from a pie chart, fractions on a number line, decimals, adding fractions and decimals, and many more. Next, a riddle will appear on the screen with the boxes for the answers above and the solutions to the fraction or decimal problems that help you solve the riddle beneath. You can either choose to answer the riddle outright, and earn $100, or you can solve the math problems to earn the letters that fill in the boxes to spell out the answer and earn $50. To fill in the boxes with the correct answer, simply tap the box and then tap the corresponding solution beneath. Play starts with the first player and they continue to play until they make a mistake and then play passes to the next player and they are given a chance to solve.

Don’t let the simplicity of this app fool you! It doesn’t have a bunch of fancy graphics or sound effects, but it doesn’t need it. Kids will love playing this game because of the riddle solving component of it. They become so focused on trying to solve the riddle, that they don’t even realize that they are learning math. This game came at a perfect time for me because I happen to have a fourth grader who is learning fractions. It was a hit! I love that she willingly spent 30 minutes after school practicing fractions and decimals by playing this app. I can’t wait to share it with her teacher because I think this app would be a valuable tool for classroom use as well.

To take a riddle from the app, “What did the grape do when the elephant stepped on it? It let out a little wine!” But I can guarantee you won’t hear any whining at your house when you kids play Math Galaxy Fraction and Decimal Riddles!

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