Getting our children to practice their math facts can be a challenge. Thankfully we have apps to add variety to the old paper, pencil and flashcard study.  However, the challenge continues when we look through all those apps to find the kind of practice that fits their needs.

There are apps out there that focus only on basic addition and subtraction or only multiplication and division, but what if your child hasn’t started multiplying but has mastered the addition and subtraction rote facts? Math Shaker is an app that’s ready to meet that middle ground challenge.

It targets addition and subtraction with three difficulty options. When your child is just starting out with formal math study and needs to practice the simple memorization facts, the low skill setting will be just right.  Ready for a bigger challenge, move on to double digit numbers in the medium level.  Then, take practice one step further and move to the high level and practice triple digit problems, which I have to admit I could do but I was glad there wasn’t a time limit. 

The problems are presented and six possible answers are available to select. This is where the “Shaker” part of the app comes in.  Before you are given any problems you shake your device to scatter the pieces of a puzzle.  If you select the correct answer a piece of a puzzle will pop into place. The number of pieces varies with the difficulty level. When the puzzle is complete a trophy is awarded.

Watching my 4th grader get her study time in with MathShaker, I could see that the double and triple digit problems really worked to help her figure answers out in her head and will really speed up her time on long division. I think MathShaker has great potential for helping build strong math skills.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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  1. Flustien

    Sure, flashcards are a great tool for learning words. My 6-year-boy has been learning by flashcards. His favourite tool is Superflashcard. I love the way he studies hard through letters, sound and pictures on this app, repeats words and spells it. Now he can rememeber faster and respond more flexible than the previous time. I am so proud of him.


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