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With Math Slicer, practicing math facts is fun any way you slice it! This fantastic app takes the “boring” out of “flashcard-style” math facts and makes kids WANT to practice math skills. This app is like Fruit Ninja meets flashcards and it adds up to marvelous math fun!

This app comes with several options to customize your learning experience. First of all, you can choose the speed with which the math facts appear and disappear on the screen. There is the Slow Speed which is recommended for Kindergarten to 2nd Graders, Fast Speed which his for 3rd grade and up and Warp Speed which is for math masters who want a bit more of a challenge. Next, you can choose whether you want to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. After you have selected the operation you want to use, then you choose which number you want to add, subtract, multiply or divide by and then the real fun begins. A math problem appears on the screen and then two possible answers for that problem. The player must use their finger to “slice through” the correct answer before it falls off the screen by swiping their finger over the number. If they answer correctly, and in time, then they earn a checkmark at the bottom of the screen. If they answer wrong, then they get a red “x”. The more you answer correctly, the more eggs you earn. Eggs are your reward and can be used to purchase “helps” in the store like targets and slow motion mode.

Math Slicer is a fun and unique way to help kids get excited about practicing their math facts. The app does a great job of mixing up the problems so you aren’t answering the same one twice in a row and I like how you can choose what number to use. I also liked the three speeds that you could choose from, however, I found that even my third grader did best on the slowest speed. She was able to figure out the answer quickly, but swiping their finger and catching the number before it falls was a little tricky and could potentially frustrate some kids. My daughter was upset that she knew all the right answers, but just couldn’t get her finger to swipe the number in time. Also, I downloaded and tested the free version of this app and it had some pretty annoying pop-up ads that were pretty hard to avoid tapping. I would definitely recommend paying the $0.99 for the paid-version just to get rid of the ads. Other than that, this is a great app and a great tool for parents and teachers to help take the boredom out of practicing math facts.

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