This is the week where I’m having a tough time putting down the math applications. There are some fantastic resources available in the App Store! One of those resources is the new MathGirl Addition House app, it’s the latest one to pull me in. Addition House is a companion to MathGirl Number Garden. The apps will actually work together and as long as you use the same name for your player profile on both apps you can sync to Number Garden and import your garden so it shows up next to the addition house you are building.

MathGirl Addition House works on building up addition skills. The app begins with levels that young children (suggested age is five years old) can tackle. The levels become progressively more difficult ending up on levels that use numbers up to 99. The numbers in the addition problems are represented by flowers so you can count them if needs be. You’ll want to be quick about your addition because you are awarded hearts for quickly completing problems. The faster you move the more hearts you receive.

The levels are challenging and they do a nice job enforcing addition skills. I was a bit rusty at first but was surprised at how quickly things came back after a few rounds of practice. My speed actually really increased. I’ve told you about the addition part of the app but what about the house? Each player is given a blank house to decorate. Paint, doors, windows, accessories, etc. can be purchased with the hearts. The more hearts you’ve got the fancier your house can become. When you tilt your iPhone on it’s side you can sync up your MathGirl Number Garden so you’ll have flowers and trees beautifying your yard.

MathGirl Addition struck a chord with the little girl side of me, it was great fun to decorate my house. If you’ve got an elementary school aged daughter who could use some help with her addition facts give MathGirl Addition House a try.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

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Seller: Icanology LLC

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

mg addition house splash.png MG Addtion House house.png MG Addtion House level1.png

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  1. Lynette Mattke

    I’m a fan of Addition House – and even my 4th grade son likes it – he chooses green to paint his house, and steers away from some of the fancier doors – but I am happy that he is getting the rapid number and pattern grouping practice!


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