Mercutio is a simple, enjoyable app that’s great for killing time. It’s the kind of app you can pick up and begin anytime you’ve got a few extra minutes in the carpool. The goal of the game is to score the most points by creating groups of different colored tokens. There are four different colors and a group must have one token of each color. You are given a line of tokens at the bottom of the screen and they must be placed one at a time into a space that’s next to the last token you played. I liked how Mercutio helped me out with this – the available spaces for a move are shown so I just had to pick the one I liked the best. Each game has six trays of four tokens, twenty-four tokens in all. Once these have been played then the game is over.

The scoring involved math so needless to say, it went over my head. It involves squaring the number of color groups a token is included in.  Lucky for me this number showed up on the token and I didn’t have to stretch my mental abilities too much. As you progress through the game you’ll be given powers that let you change the color of your tokens. The levels will become more complex and the number of powers you’re given will increase. Mercutio is also available for social gaming through OpenFeint. I’m not a big social gamer so to be honest I didn’t test this feature out.

I found Mercutio to be a fun game and I really appreciated the thorough help section. It was well done and did a great job of explaining how the game was played.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99


Seller: Aaron Cohen

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