Those of you with middle school aged children (around 11-14ish) have probably noticed the shortage of apps for that age range. They’re really not well represented in the App Store at all. I see plenty of apps for toddlers and preschoolers and a good number for elementary school kiddos but not many for the older ones. John Meier of MonkeyIntheMiddleApps worked with his son to help solve that problem. Together they developed Middle School Math 7th Grade for a 7th grade Math teacher.

Middle School Math provides practice in several different topics that are covered in (you guessed it!) middle school math. Each topic has three different levels. To play the game you will move a monkey around the screen and down ladders. The goal is to keep him moving down. As he moves you’ll run into math problems that must be solved. Solve them incorrectly and your monkey might have to move back up the ladder.

The free version of Middle School Math comes with four topics. They are Addition/Subtraction of negative numbers, Multiplication/Division of negative numbers, Absolute Value and Order of Operations. The pro version of the app adds six more topics. These include Addition/Subtraction of fractions, Multiplication/Division of fractions, Decimals, Scientific Notation, Percentages, and Factors and Multiples.

I have my very own middle schooler who tested the app out for me. My daughter is in 7th grade and is currently taking Pre-Algebra. She gave the app a whirl and then shared her thoughts. She thought the monkey was cute and the backgrounds were cool. She said the app was good mental math practice and the game made it fun to practice. There were only two things that slightly bothered her with the app. The first is that she wanted the monkey to move faster. You tilt the phone and he moves over to the ladder and then goes down. She wanted him to move faster and to miss the ladder if she tilted to far. So she wanted more of a challenge there. The second was that she wanted more consistency with the consequences of wrong answers. When you answer a problem incorrectly there are times that your monkey moves backwards and times when he doesn’t. She wanted punishment for her goof ups!

Overall I’d say that Middle School Math 7th Grade was a hit with my 7th grader. A game like this is perfect for sharpening up the basic skills you need when it comes time for more complex Math. It’s great to see a fun and educational app for this age group!

I forgot to mention that the app integrates with Game Center for leaderboards and unlockable achievements.

Price when Reviewed: Free version or $.99 for full

See the free and pro versions of the app in iTunes


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