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Milli the Snail is a fun interactive storybook for children.  With Milli the Snail, kids can join Milli on a quest to find out what snails do best.  As the only snail on Apple Tree Hill, Milli will turn to the strange and wonderful creatures that inhabit the area to ask about her strengths.  I thought that this was a very cute storybook and I loved the artwork.

Throughout the story, Milli and her best friend Miro set off in search to learn more about themselves, and what makes them unique – as well as what makes other animals they meet unique.  For example, how does Leon Chameleon hide so well?  The story is told in rhyming fashion, and features a series of interactive landscapes, too.

I love the hand-painted illustrations, they make for a fun setting. There are 30 interactive frames in all, with an additional 3 mini-games to play! The story can be read in English or German – either through reading solo or with narration.

I really enjoyed the Milli the Snail app.  I would definitely recommend this app to the parents of young readers and pre-readers.  I will be reading the app more with my four year old son for sure!

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