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During the hot summer months my girls spend more time splashing about in pools and sprinklers than practicing their school facts. If you are looking for some summer time fun to keep the kiddos learning then your little guppies will be ready to swim in the big pond after playing the mini games in MiniSchool.

This app is made up of six very creative mini games with three levels of play in each.

  • Plus and Minus- Peter the Pelican is very fond of fish but math is not his cup of tea. He needs you to feed him the correct number of fish. In the beginning level its a simple matter of counting the fish to answer the equation. The highest level will have you determining the answer and then locating the fish with the right answer. They have even included negative numbers in the answers.
  • Play with Words- Captain Walrus will pilot you through a series of different activities to familiarize children with common words. I love that there are five challeges involve for each word set.
  • Learn the Time- Set the time on the clock face to match Miss Octopus’ request.  A digital reference shows what she needs and what the clock is showing. Beginners will also see a shadow on the clock of the correct position for the hands.
  • Learn to Rhyme-Learn to rhyme better than the old pirates by matching pictures of rhyming words in a scrapbook.  You’ll build up a treasure of knowledge as you do.
  • Learn to Multiply-Windy the pinwheel would love to help you practice multiplication facts. Choose the table you’d like to practice then spin the wing to get the multiplier, then guide the bubble answers to the equations.
  • Learn the Colors- Good old fashioned coloring book fun.

The games are well  thought out and I really enjoyed the comical characters. The variety of challenges will keep players interested and I enjoyed the way they integrate memory building and spacial awareness opportunities with basic study. The broad scope covers everything from recognizing basic words and rhymes to telling time and learning multiplication. While that does enable the app to meet the needs of a wider age group, I would have organized the games to move from word recognition to rhyming and progressed through to multiplication. That would have presented preschool activities first. Narration is with a nice English accent, and I loved it throughout the app however, it threw my western US dialect for a turn during the rhyming game, matching  how I would pronounce “wigwam” and “xylophone”  in the challenging level.

I think children be entertained by the friendly character and enjoy the bright animations. They will really enjoy learning with MiniSchool.

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