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One, two, three, four…I want to count some more! With the Minti Kids Basic Numbers app your preschooler will love counting and learning their numbers! This app is filled with fun animation and interactive activities that make learning numbers fun and exciting. Your kids will keep coming back for more math fun with Minti Kids!

This app was designed with toddlers and preschoolers in mind as a fun way to introduce them to numbers 1 – 10 and identify them by name. Each number has its own unique and interactive story-like animation that brings the number to life. The animations say the name of the number several times to reinforce it in the mind of your child and help them learn the name of each number. First, the number appears on the screen and your child must use their finger to trace over the number. Next, they tap on the number and it transforms into some sort of creature that moves, talks, and makes funny noises and facial expressions. Tap it again and a little mini-story about the creature comes to life on the screen. For example, the number 1 is a funny little sea creature. Your child must put goggles and a snorkel on him and then when he dives into the water, a funny little crab crawls over to him and gives him a pinch! Another fun feature about this app is that you can switch to one of seven languages to play this app so your child can hear and learn how to count in different languages.

Minti Kids Basic Numbers is a fantastic app! My preschooler absolutely LOVES this app. The funny animations really keep him engaged in the app and I love hearing him giggle while he is learning his numbers. In the week that I have had the app, I can see marked improvement in his number recognition skills and I have no doubt that playing this app has contributed to that in a big way. Parents of toddlers and preschool aged kids are going to want to pick this app up! Your kids will love counting, playing, laughing and learning with Minti Kids!

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