Miss Melody Kitty’s Daydream Adventures is an interactive book for preschool aged children. Written by Diane Eason and illustrated by Rosemary Sanford, this delightful children’s book is about a young kitten who loves to visit her favorite daydream spots. While there she imagines that she has exciting adventures pretending to be different types of transportation. Along the way Miss Melody meets several animals who are in trouble and is always willing to stop and help them with their problems. In the end Miss Melody discovers that the most important adventure of all is to be herself.

Full of bright colors, fun interactive elements, and sounds effects, Miss Melody Kitty’s Daydream Adventures, captivates its young readers. My toddler loved all of the animals featured in the story and had a blast making them move across the pages. At the end of the story Miss Melody sings her favorite song, “It’s A Happy Day.” There is also an accompanying video with American Sign Language so your child can learn how to sing along with their hands. A perfect book to grow with your child, Miss Melody Kitty’s Daydream Adventures offers three options for reading: Read to Me, Music and Effects Only, and My Narration. The My Narration option is by far my favorite because it allows you to record yourself reading the story, making it personal for you and your child.

An enjoyable story with a great message, this Spirit-led Designs book can be purchased through the Interactive Touch Books app available in the iTunes store or at the Interactive Touch Books online bookstore. Miss Melody Kitty’s Daydream Adventures is also being featured in this week’s App Friday  at Moms With Apps.

Price: $2.99

See the Interactive Touch Books app in iTunes

See Miss Melody Kitty’s Daydream Adventures at the Interactive Touch Books Online Store

Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Seller: Spirit-led Designs

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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