Wow! The new Miss Spider Bedtime Story app (for iPad) is absolutely gorgeous. I love picture books and we own all of David Kirk’s Miss Spider books, but there is something magical about seeing the images come to life on the iPad screen. When you add in the extra activities that are included with this app it becomes much more than a story.

Miss Spider Bedtime Story comes with five different activities: read, watch, match, paint and puzzle. For the read activity you will read the story about Miss Spider and bedtime. It’s based on an episode from the Nick Jr. series. There is musical accompaniment to the story and you may read to yourself or listen to narration. The app will guide you through where to tap on the screen for surprises. The watch section is the original Nick Jr. animated cartoon. It’s presented in it’s entirety and will play within the app. Match presents a matching game with Miss Spider characters on the cards. You may choose between playing with sixteen or thirty cards. Paint presents drawings from the story that you can paint. There are several brush sizes and paint colors to choose from. What I loved about painting is that the colors appear on the picture as watercolors would. There is variation in the shades that made it unique from crayons and markers in a drawing app. A blank page is available for free painting and you can turn on a setting that keeps your child from painting outside the lines. Finally, the puzzle section contains six scenes from the story, broken into puzzle pieces. You may choose whether it is broken into six or twelve pieces. The puzzle is put together by dragging the pieces to their correct spots. When you’ve completed the puzzle it turns into an animated picture.

The app is currently being sold for $7.99. At first I thought the price seemed a bit high but when I got into the app and discovered all it had to offer it seemed more reasonable. I would pay that much for a Miss Spider picture book and with the app I get the cartoon episode plus the games and activities. Miss Spider’s illustrations translate beautifully to the iPad and they really do “pop” and create an enchanting app.

Price when Reviewed: $7.99

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Seller: Callaway Digital Arts, Inc.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.


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