Mixamajig is from the makers of Slide-a-ma-jig and the concept is the same but with some additional tricks and flair. The app lets you create silly “kooks”, one body section at a time. Swipe across the screen to change out the head, middle and bottom. There are over two hundred different body parts to mix and match. These are crazy Kooks to begin with and you’re going to end up with a ridiculous looking creature at the end, which is the whole idea of the app. Up to this point the app feels a lot like Slide-a-ma-jig but once you visit the settings screen you’ll discover that there are additional things to do. You can use a picture of your own to create a new face for a Kook. After you’ve scaled and cropped the face it will be added to your choices. You’ll then be able to view the face when you’re swapping things out and making changes. You can also add in photos of your own to use as a background display behind your Kook. Even if you don’t add your own backgrounds there are built in choices to toggle between. When your Kook is picture perfect you can save it to your Photo Library. Feel like sharing it with the rest of the world? You can do that via Twitter, Facebook or email.

I liked the original Slide-a-ma-jig but I think these additional features really kick Mixamajig up a notch. This app is pure silly fun for all ages and I’m looking forward to updates with additional kooky bits and pieces.

Price when Reviewed: $.99

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Seller: Lucky Radish Studio, inc.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this app for review purposes.

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12 Responses

  1. RainMaker3

    We loved Slide-a-ma-jig and always wanted to put in our own pictures! This will be really fun wiht the family this week! Thanks

  2. Lisa B.

    My kids love this app! I can let my daughter play with it and it keeps her very entertained. It’s great in the car too. Even the baby loves hearing the funny noises and seeing the pictures! I have to admit, another mom told me this was a great app for the kids, but my husband and I have had a blast playing with it too! Love it!

  3. MP

    Love the new features of Mixamajig over Slide-a-ma-jig. Adding myself and others to the creatures (Kooks) list is a hoot and tons of fun for the family as we create new versions of our selves all the time now. And now we can easily share them with our online community of friends.. a very nice step up from the original.

  4. Val Friend

    We just got this as a Christmas present so we haven’t tried everything yet. We are having a great time. The kids are sharing, even though excited, because otherwise, dad takes the phone away! We will be buying one for the iPad, too. Thanks for reviewing this app.

  5. Bill Purdy

    Great fun! I too, like Slide-a-ma-jig, but this is a big improvement. I especially like making my own kooks and sending them to friends.

  6. Trixie Troxel

    You are right on with your review iPhone Mom. We downloaded it and the new features make it even more fun. Really only 99cents? That’s alot of fun for only a buck.

  7. Lori Andams

    This is great!!! We love slide-a-ma-jig too. We are so excited to see Mixamajig. It’s silly and fun. Keeps kids entertained, even my teenagers.

  8. swellmom

    i bought this for my son and he LOVES it! fun and creative and it’s great that he can share his creations with others… definitely worth it!

  9. Careen 712

    Thanks for the review! We love this app! Didn’t have Slideamajig but so mush fun with this one! The kids have made up a couple games playing at sharing the iPad and taking turns moving parts! These things look so cool on the iPad! We have just started following the Mixamajig website and they suggested you draw your own art to be used along with your photos. That’s keeping the kids busy today! Thanks!

  10. Laura L

    Perfect timing for this review! Trixie pointed me here when we talked about our upcoming travel plans. Need something for the kids to play with besides all the shooting games. We got this and it seems really fun and involving. Like the creativity it encourages. Will have lots of opportunities to include our own photos on this trip! The kids are mad now because I’m not letting them play with it again until the trip! Thanks!

  11. KoalaNotaBear

    Love this app! Been wanting to load the iPhone since Christmas and this sounds perfect!

  12. Jay I.

    Thanks for letting us know about Mixamajig. Our kids like it too. They want to download Slide-a-ma-jig, too. Love your site, by the way!


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