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I don’t know a kid who doesn’t know and love Old MacDonald’s Farm. I know it is one of my childhood favorites and one that I frequently sang with my own children. MMB: Old MacDonald Had A Farm is a cute app that brings this song to life with funny farm animals and a precocious little boy who loves to dance and explore!

This app is definitely one with toddlers in mind. There really isn’t much to this app; simply tap on various places around the screen to move the little boy around. Tap each of the colored buttons at the bottom of the screen and the little guy does a funny little dance to four different songs. You can also tap the animal buttons at the top of the screen and play a game for each animal. The games include catching a duck egg as the duck flies across the screen and jigsaw puzzles. If you visit the big red barn, you will discover each of the farm animals playing a different musical instrument. Finally, play peek-a- boo with the farm animals as they hide various places around the screen. There is also an in-app purchase option for a zoo expansion that your child can discover as well.

MMB: Old MacDonald Had a Farm is a free app and this app delivers about what you’d expect from a free app. The graphics are cute but the game doesn’t really have much substance in my opinion. I feel that this app is, without a doubt, better for toddlers than older children. There really isn’t much to it, and it may even be a stretch to have enough to keep a toddler entertained. I wish that the app would have an option to sing along or even listen to the classic Old MacDonald song, but in my time playing it I could never find it. I don’t personally have a toddler in my home anymore to test this app with but it was cute enough that I would say that, since it’s free, check it out for yourselves and see what you think!

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