Version 4 of Mom Maps was released last week. I haven’t given it an authentic test run yet because my schedule has been too tight and I’ve had no time for any fun outings. I’m looking forward to breaking out of my drive to school, WalMart, Costco, home and repeat  rut and finding some fun things to do here in Boise.

Jill from Mom Maps wanted me to let you know that they appreciate all the feedback from users regarding location information. When I was writing my original review and requested information on good ol’ Boise, Idaho they were terrific and added it into the app.  The new version now includes more than a dozen metro areas and they’re adding more all the time. Vancouver was just added as well – hooray for the Olympic spirit!

The new maps on version 4 have worked great for me so far. Now you can also enter in your own kid spots as you’re out and about. This means that the locations featured in the app will continue to grow even more. There’s also the ability to add pictures and search within the app. Mom Maps also has several travel bloggers who are adding in reviews of their favorite spots.

Last, but definitely not least in my opinion, Mom Maps is now free. Hopefully more people will grab this app and we can all contribute and help it’s content to grow and grow and grow….

Price when Reviewed: Free

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Seller: New Media Parents, Inc

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