I’m going to be honest, this week’s “Weekly Special” is a bit of a cop out. My mom schedule has been more than a little bit crazy lately as we’re into the final countdown to summer. I’m surrounded by kids with end of the year projects, recitals, field trips, parties, field days, swim lessons and baseball games. Year after year May is consistently my busiest month and I find myself without a spectacular How-To trick or developer interview this week. Not to worry, they’re on my radar and coming soon but for this week I’d like to remind you of the weekly post I do over at Momtastic.

Each Wednesday I put together a list of six apps that revolve around a theme. In the past I’ve covered apps for learning to read, math, killing time in the carpool and crafting among other things. In the next few weeks you’ll see apps for ‘tweens, summer, dads and grads. You’ll find the lists in Momtastic’s “What to Buy” section (tagged Apps) and while you might see apps that I’ve already mentioned on this site I always try to include new titles.

Happy browsing and enjoy the last days of school everyone!

6 apps for booklovers.tiff 6 for learning to read.tiff

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